4 Hugues Ross - Blog: Akradion Update 4
Hugues Ross


Akradion Update 4



  • Added a title screen
  • Fixed a ton of physics glitches
  • The bat can now be used to alter the ball's direction a bit. This makes it possible to aim the ball at bricks(somewhat)
  • Added indestructible walls
  • Added exploding bricks. When hit, they destroy other bricks in a 2-block radius
  • Added a nice animation for when levels end


  • Made a bunch of minor tweaks to the codebase to make it easier to work with
  • You can now directly add forces to physics objects in scripts
  • Added GLSL support
  • Global data can now be tweened by giving the entity id -1
  • Global data can now be forced to immediately update by giving the entity id -1
  • Started working on getting a cross-compiler set up

Oh man, this post is really late! Sorry about that. I've been quite tired recently, and finishing this post up is proving to be much harder than expected. Hopefully things will work better next time. The game is still coming along well, and I got it running on Windows, so no issues there.

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