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Hugues Ross


Akradion Update 8



  • Added 3 new levels
  • Strong bricks now properly drop powerups
  • Strong bricks should no longer collide when disappearing
  • Strong bricks are now (slightly) less noisy
  • Explosions and balls now affect strong bricks as intended
  • Fixed a bug where powerups would occasionally bounce off the paddle without being collected
  • Fixed a bug where the split powerup could create an infinite loop and crash the game
  • Multiple variants of sounds can now be loaded to add more variety
  • Added Sound Effects for:
    • Explosions
    • Split powerup
    • Nitro powerup
    • Life powerup
    • Speed powerup
    • Slow powerup
    • Doom powerup
    • Game start
    • Launching a ball
    • Bouncing off a wall
  • Fixed a bug where dying and resetting the game wouldn't reset ball speed
  • Fixed a bug where a powerup could be collected several times
  • Fixed a bug where certain powerups could make the game crash when the next level loaded


  • foreach'd scripts can now include other scripts properly
  • loadSound now returns the sound's id
  • playSound can now take a numerical id instead of the sound's name

Unfortunately, despite the amount I've gotten done I don't really have much to say. Things seem to be progressing well, and I've gotten rid of tons of smaller bugs along with one or two big ones. In addition to this, I added most of the sounds I needed. I could've done all of them, but I got totally wiped out for the latter portion of the week. I think it may have been from lack of sleep. Hard to say, really.

With any luck, the game will be out next week. Sorry again for the lackluster post!

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