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Summer Jam, Day 1 Recap

Just as I said in my last post, I'm doing a game jam! I ended up with the theme cookoff, which has led me to a very strange game.

The weird face made of hotdogs in the
lower-left corner is the Hotgod. Do not
anger him.
Currently titled 'Grill Bounce,' this is a game about bouncing meats (mostly hotdogs right now) across the screen with an outdoor grill. What started as a relatively innocent and normal game vaguely inspired by Bit.Trip Beat has become a bizarre and frantic game about making grilled offerings to appease the Hotgod. This involves keeping an infinite number of meat products aloft (and also grilling them) as they cross the screen. As a bonus, if you can knock one of the numerous bald eagles out of the sky with your hotdogs, you can catch it on your grill, cook it, and toss it off the screen for bonus points. Have I mentioned this game's weirdness enough yet?

A more observant reader might remark that this game's mechanics bear a suspicious similarity to those of Akradion. This is true, although I have copied almost nothing (not counting DFEngine, of course) from the latter. My decision to go with something relatively similar was mostly so that I could play it safe this time around. After all, Akradion is the only game I've made with DFEngine yet, and with such a short time span to work with now is not the time to gamble on my engine's ability to handle varied mechanics. Trust me, you'll see some more interesting stuff coming from me soon enough.

Anyways, It's time for me to bid this game goodnight. 38 hours to go!

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