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One Game a Month, Month 1-2

Despite my initial excitement, things have not gone well. I've put together a very basic draft of what I want the gameplay to be like, but it's taken me way longer than I'd hoped. The main thing that's been slowing me down is the fact that I now have a number of projects running at once. seeing how things are going, I'll probably have to skip the next Ludum Dare again. In the end, I'm still very productive, but it's not as obvious since the work is so spread out.

Another issue that I've been having is with creativity. I have a cool mechanic here, but I'm having difficulty thinking of ways to make the gameplay interesting and varied. I'm trying to see if I can fix this, but I have yet to try out any of the solutions I've thought of. Whether or not I can make a decent game out of this will probably hinge on this issue.

Finally, I guess I'll leave a screenshot here:
As you can see, this is basically just a bare minimum
proof of concept. Still, it's already rather interesting.

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