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Singularity Update 1

Surprise! I bet you didn't see that coming!
That's right, I never forgot about Singularity. Really, it would've been embarrassing if I had, since I use the thing several times a day. In it's current state, Singularity needs work. In fact, what it really needs is a massive overhaul, and that's what it's getting. As I've done in the past, I'm throwing out the old code and replacing it with something a little bit better. I'm still amazed at the difference a single year has made, first for DFEngine and now for this. I've already written almost all of the IO functions for handling web and database requests, and they work much better than their predecessors. One of the biggest issues with the old Singularity was how slow and unresponsive it was. This was because it handled web/database IO poorly, which caused it to lock up from waiting for things. Assuming the stuff I've done so far is correct (and my tests seem to show that it is), the new version should be silky smooth, with absolutely no interruptions.

Anyways, for the moment I'll be giving Singularity the same treatment on here as DFEngine, post-wise. With any luck, I ought to be able to actually release it (with the source code, of course) in the coming weeks.

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