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General Update: Something New

If you've been following this blog, you've probably noticed recently that my posts have dropped off. I've been thinking about this blog and my work, and I'm not very happy. Thus, I'd like to talk about what happens when I fail to make a weekly update post.

There are a few reasons fir this generally:
  1. I haven't gotten much work done on anything that week.
  2. I forgot.
  3. I've been working on some undisclosed project.
All of these happen, but I'd like to look a biut deeper into each. The first one is the rarest, for sure. I usually get something done,  and it's only when I'm super tired and burnt-out that I fail to post. The 2nd one is more common than I'd normally like to admit. I'm a very forgetful person, and frankly This is probably my 3rd or 4th blog at this point. The others survived a few weeks, then were forgotten, so I'm slightly amazed that this one has lasted as long as it has.

Finally, let's talk about the last reason, and my projects.
I have a ton of reasons for which I might not talk about a project:

I might consider it too personal, or odd, at which point I feel like I shouldn't share it publicly. These projects will probably not get talked about in any setting, much less a public blog.
I have smaller 'Toolkit' projects that I make solely to make my life easier. Oftentimes they're the product of a single weekend, and I don't think they'll stick around. Usually, they'll get small occasional updates over a long period of time, and once they've grown it feels too late to discuss them.
I have school work, which seems pretty mundane for obvious reasons. Sometimes, like with Space Douchebag, I post a little bit, but usually I jst stay quiet when I shouldn't.
Lastly, I have prototypes, and lots of them. I come up with all kinds of interesting ideas, but I often worry that they won't go anywhere. Usually, I'm right.

What does this have to do with my moment of introspection? Everything. When I look at my blog, I always regret the fasct that the content on here really freaking boring. In fact, it's mostly just changelogs and massive walls of text, like this post! I've needed to change that for a while, but have had difficulty coming up with a solution. However, I think I have one now. Whether it works or not, only time will tell.

Here it is:
  1. I need to drop the weekly updates entirely. Singularity will keep getting them until 0.2, and then that's it.
  2. I need to talk less about exactly what I've done, and more about cool stuff I've found while doing it, the things that I'm learning, and how I'm doing things.
  3.  I need to talk more about various undisclosed projects.
  4. More screenshots, and more videos.
 I'm going to try and put these steps into practice as of today. This is rather experimental, and I'm worried that this will fail horribly, but I still need to try. Hopefully I can keep with this.

Also, an update on Twitter use: If you're wondering why I'm not tweeting at all, it's because I literally cannot log in to Twitter. It simply boots me back to the log in screen when I'm successful, so I'm stuck there. Hopefully that'll get fixed someday!
EDIT: I'm back on Twitter now!

TL;DR: My content sucks, so I'm going to drop my schedule, add more shiny things, talk about more projects, and save the universe. Whoo!

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