4 Hugues Ross - Blog: Singularity Update 9
Hugues Ross


Singularity Update 9


-Fixed the bug with automatic deletion, and boy was it something!
-Added a 'rule' system. It replaces the automatic deletion, but provides the same default function.
-Made the settings pane look nicer.

The Rules

The new rule system is working! The way this works, users can set 'rules' based on time and item type. The simplest way to explain these is with a couple of examples:
"After 7 days, delete unread unstarred items"
"After 3 months, mark unread starred items as read"

As you can see, this sort of thing gives the user much more control over what happens to feed items. Eventually, I want to add overrides for specific feeds, multiple rules per type, and more actions. For now, though, it's a nice step up from the old auto-delete feature.

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