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Singularity Update 11


-Moved the feed adding dialog to a pane. This doesn't do anything yet, but it'll let me do some nice things later.
-Feed content is packed together a bit better now.
-Blank authors/dummy dates don't show up anymore.
-Items can now be starred, and starred items can now be viewed.
-Singularity now actually downloads attachments when the attachment is clicked. (This uses, and thus requires, wget. I may look into an in-application solution at some point.) The old style(opening in a browser) can still be used, by changing a hidden setting in dconf.
-The default location for downloads can be changed in the settings.
-You can make Singularity ask for a location to download to, or have it download to the default location automatically.
-Added Feed-specific settings, which can override the application settings. Currently, these only affect downloads and rules.

Somehow, I managed to finish everything off of my todo list before the New Year. It wasn't easy, seeing how I didn't do any work last week because of Christmas. 0.2 isn't quite ready for release yet, however. There are a few things that I want to test/improve still, but I think I can safely make a release within a week or two. When that happens, I'll give a rundown of all the new features, just like last time. The main new features here are things that are generally boring but required, and a few major bug fixes. This means that Singularity now has most of the necessary features for it to work nicely, but is still largely unpolished. Hopefully, 0.3 and 0.4 will feature more polishing and 'quality of life' improvements.

Anyways, it'll probably be a while before I start working seriously on Singularity again. It's been far too long since I worked on games, and I have some fun stuff coming up that I can tell you about soon. Maybe I'll even get back to my tutorial soon!

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