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7DRL 2015: Day 2

"Huh? Where's my day 1 post?" is what you might be asking right now. That, or maybe "Since when was 7DRL running?"

That's kinda my fault. I was busy up until Friday afternoon, then 7DRL started on Saturday and it felt too late. I decided to try and avoid spamming this blog while that's going on, so I'll be making 4 posts: One for day 2(this one), one for day 5, one at the end, and one with a postmortem. Last time this happened, I made 7 posts in a row about it and they were all incredibly short. This time around, I decided to post daily progress on the official 7drl site, and then make an occasional post here with a bunch of updates at once. With that said, here's the story thus far:

A screenshot from day 1, showing the biome generation at work.

I decided to make a bigger, more varied game than last time, and came up with an interesting gimmick of sorts: There's only one map, and it's as wide as the screen, but it's also incredibly long. We're talking ~200x longer than its width. The game takes place outdoors, eschewing the traditional tight corridors and rooms for open biomes. As you travel to the other side of the map, enemies will mostly be determined by the biome and scale in level based on your progress. In addition, I've integrated Lua into the project in hopes of allowing more interesting upgraded enemies, giving them special traits and abilities.

A new art style that I'm playing with. I'm not too fond of it, but it increases mob visibility by a lot!

I've named the game To the West, after its main premise, and I've made a simple backstory:
The foul warlock Mochus has stolen the Band of the Stars, bringing it to his fortress deep in the western mountains. Journey to the western lands, find the Band, and slay this dark sorceror once and for all!
This jam is a great breath of fresh air after the months of schoolwork, although it's seriously hurting my ability to do March's one game a month challenge. Oops.

Here are the 7drl.org posts for this game:
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Lastly, I've gotten back into the old habit of making lots of screenshots during jams, so an album will be going up at the end of the week.

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