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Cloudy Climb

It's been about a week since my last post about DFEngine, and the minigame I mentioned then is done. I ended up not adding a goal to the game, mostly because it didn't feel like it fit well. This release is a bit lackluster, since I'm just putting it out to give the project a pulse, proving that I'm still hard at work and not quite dead yet. Due to its quick nature, this release probably has some issues that I haven't noticed. If you find any, please comment here and I'll try to resolve them ASAP. If you'd like to play the game despite this little warning, the links are below:
Windows - Linux

W - Jump(press once to begin the game)
A/D - Move left/right
R - Restart the game

Bounce off of clouds to get as high as you can, moving off either edge of the screen will warp you to the other side.

In addition to releasing this minigame, I've also updated the DFEngine repository on Github to the new version. In case you're interested in the new codebase, it's right here. Now that the rewrite's over, you can expect to see regular updates popping up there like they did before.

Anyway, this is a pretty short post. My next post will be significantly longer and more important, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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