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Capstone Update 7: A Few Grains of Salt in an Overwise Perfectly Decent Milkshake

I have not discussed it on this blog, but I have been responsible for the vast majority of this game's art and art direction. So far, I've produced all of the art documentation for both Sports Game and Dungeon Restocker, including the artist statements and art bible, the the latter of which contains all of the guidelines and details of the art style the game will be taking. Because our team had no artist, I've stepped up to fulfill all of the project's art needs.

It is for this very reason that I feel a little bummed out right now. In what feels like just overnight, I have been rather casually swatted out of my position as artist in favor of my designer. I don't blame anyone for this, nor do I think this was particularly intentional. However, I still can't help but feel a bit used, after defining the game's art style. It's a weird situation all around.

I should stress again that I'm not placing blame or trying to stir up any issues. I know full well why this happened, and it makes sense. Now that Mike has gone and finished the major design work for the moment, he sees an opportunity to keep being useful while also increasing the amount of work being done to implement his design. In that sense, it's a perfectly logical move. It's also not the first time this has happened. I made a similar switch last year as well. The reason I felt better then, though, is that the designer in question was a talented artist with a charming and distinct style, whereas my designer honestly doesn't seem much better or worse than I am.

What am I going to do about it?

Absolutely nothing.
I'm going to go back to programming, and work more on implementing the game's core systems. I have other projects that I can do art for, and I have no intention of creating any unnecessary drama over a move like this. Whoever does our art now is probably getting replaced if/when we go forward to next semester anyway, so I'd be out soon either way.

It's still a little bit sad, though.

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