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Hugues Ross


A Small Delay

I've just about finished writing this week's tutorial, but I'm delaying its release until next Monday. While the text and most of the code is done, I'm having some issues getting the build to work nicely in a cross-platform manner. This is mostly due to my inexperience with Meson and some recent factors that temporarily reduced my free time.

Personally, I think it's more important to have this tutorial feel polished and complete than to hit every single deadline perfectly. It's still unfortunate that I have to push things back (especially this early on), but I think this is better than just throwing out something half-baked.

On the upside, once these issues are dealt with I'm unlikely to have to deal with them again, even in future projects and tutorials. I'm still in the process of feeling things out, as far as tutorials are concerned, so figuring things like this out early on is good. With that said, I'm probably going to try to complete future tutorial series before I start posting them, just to ensure that they don't get delayed.

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