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Let's Make a Roguelike - Prep Work

Two weeks after uploading the first part, I've managed to keep to my schedule with a new one. With any luck, I'll keep this up!

This part started out as a lightly-edited version of the old part 1. However, I wasn't happy with it. Today, I sat down and rewrote the whole thing, and I'm very happy with the result. It's likely that I'll be deviating from the old tutorial quite a bit going forward.

So, what can I say about this new part? I mostly shifted the subject away from the limitations of curses, and more towards an explanation of the options that are available and what I plan to cover. I think the result is well-structured, and has a much better flow than the old part 1. It still has no images, since there isn't much to show, but I've got plans for part 2 that I'm hoping will help out a bit.

The other major change affects the tutorial series overall. I'm moving the tutorials away from ncurses, and focusing on the SDL version of PDCurses. I'm hoping that the narrow scope combined with better cross-platform support will make this series much more helpful. Using Meson for builds will likely help as well.

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