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Let's Make a Roguelike: Schedule Change

Today, I have a not-so-good announcement. After much consideration, I've decided to drop the schedule for my tutorials, and post segments on a "when it's done" basis.

If you look at my track record, you'll find that I haven't hit my schedule on a very consistent basis. However, I probably wouldn't drop the schedule if this was the only issue. The real problem is how this schedule has been affecting my ability to work on other things.
My typical schedule for the past few months was something like this:

Pre-Tutorial Weeks
On weeks before a tutorial is due, I usually commit most of the week to working on the tutorial. However, I usually end up delaying things and as a result, I don't get a whole ton finished. This also means that I don't get anything done on my other projects. After that, I need to spend the weekend working on the tutorial so that it can be ready on Monday.

Post-Tutorial Weeks
Following the Monday tutorial post, I have about four days to work on other things before the weekend rolls around. I don't necessarily have to work on the tutorial during these weekends, but if I want to ensure that the tutorial will be done in time then it's a good idea.

Because of the circumstances, the tutorial is currently eating about 2/3rds of my development time. This makes it really tough to work on more than one other project at any moment. I'm not going to stop working on tutorials or anything, but after this one's done I'm going to move to a "prepare everything before posting" strategy.

Wrapping up
Despite these issues I'm still working on this series. After scrapping it twice, I want to see this thing done no matter what. However, I won't sacrifice my other projects to see that happen. To avoid that, I'm dropping the schedule.

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