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Roundup, April 2017 - A hole new perspective on falling into bottomless pits

Today, I'm doing something a little bit different: I've created a video for this update!

Additional Comments

It has been a while since I last posted any videos, and this is my first attempt at making something more detailed than a simple playthrough. In my opinion, the result is ok. I think it was a pretty good decision, given that I mostly worked on graphical stuff this month.

The video contains an overview of the update, but I wanted to add a couple of details that didn't make it in:
  1. Axis inputs received a few changes that I didn't mention. First of all, they are no longer 2d. Each axis is independent. They're also missing the "joystick emulation" input smoothing at the moment. I'll be adding that back at a later point.
  2. I've made a ton of bugfixes this month. There were a lot of things (especially in the core module) that didn't quite work, but testing them didn't seem worth doing until I had an actual use for them. Now that I'm building demos, I'm running into the issues and fixing them naturally.
  3. Lastly, I've written a bunch of macros for printing out certain structs to logs. This makes debugging much easier, because I can quickly print out the value of a matrix/vector/quat with little effort.


Let's start with the current state of the project:
  • Time left: about 3 1/2 months
  • Application Module: Done 
  • Audio Module: Not Started
  • Core Module: Done
  • Editor Module: Not Started
  • Gameplay Module: 80%
    • Missing joystick emulation for input
  • Graphics Module: 40%
    • Missing sprites
    • Missing text
    • Missing framebuffers
    • Missing particles
  • Math Module: Done
  • Resource Module: Not started
I'm making pretty good time right now. My goal for May is to knock out the Audio and Resource modules, which will leave me a couple months to reimplement the more advanced graphical features and make API easier to use. I've decided not to bother with the editor module for now, because it won't be useful for game jams and concept work. Instead, I'm going to work on it after the deadline has passed.

Next week, I'll be unveiling a new schedule and discussing my forays into Taskwiki in more detail.

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