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Mosquitoes ate my update video

Man, don't you hate it when small, buzzing insects devour files off of your hard drive? It's the worst. It's also something that definitely happens all the time, and our modern society is powerless to stop them. Remember when your favorite thing was cancelled or delayed for no apparent reason? Mosquitoes. Yup. Definitely 100% not telling any sort of fib or white lie right now, and frankly I'm a little wounded that you'd suggest that I might ever not tell the truth in a vain attempt to cover up my own shortcomings.

So, because a swarm of mosquitoes ate the update video for this week that I definitely made and didn't put off for too long, I'm making a little life post instead. You can expect me to have it finally finished remade in time for next Sunday's post.

Let's talk about my weekend

I had a really busy weekend, which is why I was unable to complete my video powerless to stop the horde of ravenous arthropods from devouring my video files.

On Saturday, I went on a hike in the Laurentides with a group from the office. For those who don't know, the Laurentides is a region of Quebec that's packed full of beautiful lakes and mountains. Just imagine every photo of the Canadian wilderness that you've ever seen.

This pretty lake is the perfect environment for breeding the harbingers of your hard drive's doom

The hike was 5 1/2 km, and circled a small lake. It was a good length, long enough to be enjoyable without overstaying its welcome. The weather was warm and sunny, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable. In many ways the conditions for this hike were ideal. They also happened to be ideal for the terrifying force of mosquitoes that hounded us and our video files, especially the latter. For every person, I'd say there were 10-20 mosquitoes buzzing around them. They didn't manage to ruin the experience though, and I'd definitely do it all over again. Oh, and uh....some of them, err, hid inside my backpack? Yeah, sure, we'll go with that. Then they emerged to feast upon my defenseless PC or something. It was awful.

Artist's rendition of the event

Unlike most activities that I engage in, I brought my camera with me and took a few photos. Several shots came out quite nicely, so I might do this more often:

(Click any image to view at full size)

On Sunday, my family came in for a visit. They brought my bike over, so once I buy a new helmet I should be able to travel much farther in the city! After that, we went out for pizza and ice cream, then took a little stroll around Parc La Fontaine. I'm not fond of spending lots of time with family, but I really enjoyed this little outing quite a bit! They seemed pretty happy too, so it was a good day all in all. Oh, and they were...yeah, they were totally devastated at the carnage caused by those darn mosquitoes. Yup!

So that was my eventful weekend! As you can see, I was quite busy and didn't find time to make this month's update video set up adequate anti-mosquito defenses. Anyhow, this week is mostly still May so I'm still keeping to the schedule to some degree. Expect the monthly dfgame update next Sunday at the regular time.

EDIT: According to Blogger, this is post #256, so if we were counting with one byte I'd have to stop here. Thankfully, that's no longer the case!

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