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Let's Make a Roguelike - Example: The Swamp Cave

EDIT - Tutorial link was dead yesterday, sorry about that! The page is up now.

Sometimes, when I'm working on my website late at night with the lights off, I hear a voice coming from the Tutorials page:
"Huey, you cantankerous crayfish! You claimed that the roguelike tutorial wasn't on hiatus, but it's been five months since your last post! Fess up!"
...Nope. Definitely not on hiatus. I had to, err....pickle the ASCII. To make it green. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, there's a new segment of the roguelike tutorial. You can read it here!

Being ever-so-slightly serious for a moment, I didn't (and still don't) really want to work on the tutorial. But, I also want to get it done. That means that I have to write up tutorial segments eventually, even if I'm not really inclined to do so. I also have some other tutorials that I'd like to start, but I'm unwilling to do so before this series is over.

This part serves as a sort of culmination to the last few. It shows how to take the techniques shown so far, and combine them to make a greater whole. My goal now is to introduce the rest of the basic techniques and mechanics commonly found in roguelikes, tie it all back together into a simple package, and mark the series as complete. I've mapped out the remainder of the tutorial at this point, and it looks like it'll be another 5 parts, including the conclusion. My goal for this series is now to be done with it before this series becomes a year old. If I can manage that, then I think I can happily call this 3rd attempt a success. You may notice that the code is quite a bit messier and uncommented. That's also a result of my rush to finish this series up. Once the series is over, I may go back to clean it up and make it more readable, but for now I'm more concerned with speed than quality.

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