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Update - Sorry Guys!

Hello everyone, I have some unfortunate news today:

For various political reasons, my shoulders have decided to let burn the fires of revolution, which would be entertaining if it wasn't so darn painful. It hurts in general, which makes it difficult to focus, and it also hurts extra-hard to type! As a result, I've decided to postpone everything by a full month to allow my body time to recover.

This means that dfgame is now slated to release at the end of September, the tutorial is likely to end in December, etc. I was planning on a little "looking back" post for this blog's 5th anniversary on the 20th, and I might still do that. It's a big date, and most of the work is reading, not writing. My right arm is ok, so I might also bust out my tablet and chance a few sketches. We'll see.

Ultimately, I'm extremely disappointed in myself. I took the first week off this month in an attempt to deal with the issue, but it's been over 2 weeks and I'm still out of commission. I apologize for the delays and such, and you'll probably hear from me again in 3-4 weeks or so.

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