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Making the first Halberd game: Is this still a mountain?

Last time, I started building the actual first map for my game. A bit of messing around later, and...

I'm not really sure how to feel about this. It feels a bit noisy and chaotic, and it's clearly not very mountain-like anymore. Even running at my target resolution, the result is a little too confusing:

Clearly, I've over-corrected a bit. After simplifying the terrain a bit, I end up with this:

It's alright. I'm not thrilled with my results, but I think they look good enough. There's a line to be drawn in terms of polish and I've already spent a week on this map alone, so it's probably better to keep moving for now. If I feel a strong urge to do so, I can do another polish pass on the maps later.

...But Wait!

Unfortunately, we're not out of the foothills yet. After all, there's no music and no enemies! Given the fact that is is supposed to be a fairly short project and I'd like to avoid holding up Halberd's development for too long, I'm going to try sticking to more of a 'sketch' quality level, something like this:

This will be the combat background for the first area. It's rough and not really that detailed/attractive, but it's god enough to work as-is. If I can match this level of detail in the rest of my assets, it should be easy to complete the project quickly.

Moving on to the actual enemies, I need to keep the designs reasonably simple to draw as well. After all, some subjects are much harder to depict than others. To that end, I've made a couple simple designs for the first area:

They're not the most exciting creatures you've ever seen, but I think they'll work well as cute little monsters to deal with early on. Now I just need to add them in and take a crack at music, but that can wait for a future post. For now, I rest.

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